Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny/Novelty cases for the iPhone or iPad

There are so many of these to choose from I am not sure where to start..
this is one I thought was really cool...

Beer and money what more could you ask for ??

How about a phone booth to change into your costume in...

but mostly we only have these kind of phone booths around... :(

if you step into one that happens to be a Tardis you might find a phone that looks like this..

I personally like this one.. I think it's very clever.. great for an electrician..
or someone who like to shock people.. lol

then there is the Electric Guitar.. iPhone case :-)

unless of course you prefer acoustic ...

some iPad cases are just as wild... any DJ'S out there.. or maybe someone wh is just plain old school?

For a touch of class..
Some really unique customizable/monogram-able ipad cases...

or maybe you are not into "class"

And this happens to me all the time.....

WHAT HAPPENS IN by giuliorossi
See other iphone designs

There are so many I am finding it hard to choose..
but here's a game I like to play now and then.. I thought this was pretty cool.

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